The Lacandon Maya

"In 1960 Canadian filmmaker explorer Collin Hanney trekked through the mahogany rain forests of Chiapas
to find an isolated group of Mayan Indians – the Lacandón – and record their images on film..."


From Collin Hanney's journal... "Suddenly, through the reeds, three large dugouts appeared.  We could hear a strange language, and six dark, long-haired figures stepped ashore
armed with bows and arrows."


Jorge Paniagua was one of the Lacandón who poled the members of the expedition across
Lake Nahá to the village each day.


Chan K'in Viejo: Spiritual leader of the Lacandon peoples.


Mateo Viejo praying in his God-house.


Koh I, first wife of Chan K'in Viejo.


Koh II, second wife of Chan K'in Viejo with children.


Mateo Viejo's first wife and daughter.


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